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Gongyi Aluminum Co.,Ltd.

Aluminum Foil for Pharmaceutical Packaging/Aluminium Coil/Aluminum Sheet

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Aluminum Discs
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Brand: Gongyi Shengzhou Metal Products Co.,Ltd.
Price: Negotiable
Min. Order: 5 Tons
Total Quantity: 10 Tons
Delivery: 30 days after payment
Valid until: Never Expire
 Aluminum Discs


Aluminum Circles

Aluminum Discs introduction

Gongyi Shengzhou metal Products Co.,Ltd. to introduce advanced aluminum discs production equipment, effectively improve production efficiency and material utilization, shorten the delivery cycle. Our company strengthened the control of the grain size and elongation of the coil, Respectively cold rolled and hot rolled aluminum discs was launched,and cover 1, 3, 5, 8 series alloys. Complete product range, thickness 0.7-6.0 mm, diameter 100-1200 mm, tolerance in line with national standard requirements.     

Aluminum Discs Picture

Aluminum discs

Aluminum Discs Features                                                 

1.Aluminum discs specifications complete,conventional size outside,can provide the most thin 0.5 mm, the most thick 6.5 mm aluminum discs;

2.Aluminum discs surface performance is good, to ensure no obvious scratches, oil, oxidation, dark spots and so on;

3.Aluminum discs thickness> 1.0 mm, to ensure that the finished side of the neat no burrs;

4.The good control of grain size and elongation in early stage,to ensure that the aluminum discs of the deep drawing and spinning performance, effectively avoid the late processing may occur when the drawing, lotus leaf, the ear rate of high bad phenomenon;

5.Strictly control the coil of the alloy, the state, performance, to ensure the accuracy and diversity of aluminum discs provided;

6.The introduction of advanced and efficient production equipment, improve the production efficiency of aluminum discs and the utilization rate of material and shorten the production cycle, provide real-time and convenient service for the customer;

7.Aluminum discs detailed classification, according to different purposes and requirements, customers can choose accurate category;

8.Products comply with RoHS and REACH the environmental protection standard;

9.Product packaging firm, in line with domestic sales and international export standards.


Introduction of our company

Gongyi Shengzhou metal Products Co.,Ltd. is a professional Aluminium Coil Suppliers and Aluminum Circles manufacturers,mainly  supply Aluminum Circles, Aluminium discs, Aluminum Strip, Food Box Material Aluminum Foil, Aluminum Circles for Kitchenware etc. series of aluminum products, sincerely welcome everyone to visit.

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